Welcome to my Boutique!!

Welcome to my boutique!   My name is Theresa, I am a young woman living Sothern Californa. I love pizza, donuts and coffee and spending my spare time doing arts and crafts (if you currently have glitter on your living room floor like I do, we are going to be best friends!).   I started this digital boutique as a way to help others with their DIY projects. Going to an arts and crafts store is so much fun but wouldn’t it be easier and faster to just be able to download those last minute things you need like tshirt sublimations for the girls trip, scrapebook paper, birthday cards, and more?

From tshirt sublimstions to art work and calendars and challenge sheets and coloring sheets to printable art work. Customize your DIY project to the size you want, on the material you want, with that frame you found on the side of the roade that one time? (yeah, its been a while but I still have mine collecting dust too.) I am here to make your DIY project, more "DIY" and less like a project. I am excited to see all the DIY projects that we will create this year!  

Much love and a whole lot of glitter,  


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